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  • Bongbong pays P36M as first installment for poll protest fee

    10 hours ago 11624 likes 158 comments 805 shares
    Sa palagay ko ang isang taon ay masyado nang mahaba. Sana ay simulan na ang proseso ng paghuhusga kung sino ba talaga ang nanalo sa nakaraang halalan. Ipagpapatuloy natin ang protesta and I hope this compliance we have done to the Supreme Court's order will go a long way to getting the process started #ProtestWatch
  • SC resets Marcos poll protest preliminaries to July 11

    10 hours ago 5088 likes 151 comments 526 shares
    "We find it very unfortunate that the SC acting as PET have moved the much awaited preliminary conference of Sen. Marcos election protest. While we understand the importance and urgency to set the oral argument on the declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao, we do not see the need to further delay an equally important case that likewise involve public interest as to who is the real Vice President genuinely elected by the people. Every day of delay benefits the unauthentic occupant of the office discharging fake public service based on pretentious program of governance whose real objective is to oust President Duterte, no less." - Atty. Vic Rodriguez, Spokesman #ProtestWatch
  • SC moves forward with Marcos electoral protest

    10 hours ago 9364 likes 99 comments 703 shares
    BREAKING NEWS: The Supreme Court (SC) sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) is pushing forward with my electoral protest as it finally set a preliminary conference on June 21 at 2PM #ProtestWatch #43WeeksCounting
  • Tribunal finds Marcos protest sufficient in form, substance

    9 hours ago 15466 likes 75 comments 1467 shares
    "On the matter of sufficiency of the protest, the same is already beyond dispute. With the issuance of summons, the tribunal has found the protest to be sufficient in form and substance. The protest contained narrations of ultimate facts on the alleged irregularities and anomalies in the contested clustered precincts, which the protestant needs to prove in due time." - Supreme Court of the Philippines (SC) acting as Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) #FIGHT4BBM
  • PET forms 3-man panel to hear Marcos poll protest

    10 hours ago 6197 likes 59 comments 467 shares
    WEEK 51: The Supreme Court, sitting as Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), has ordered the constitution of a panel of 3 hearing commissioners under its control and supervision "to aid the tribunal in the just and expeditious disposition" of my ongoing poll protest #ProtestWatch
  • Pagbagsak ng peace talks, isinisi ng CPP kay Pang. Duterte | UNTV News and Rescue

    2 hours ago 96 likes 45 comments 17 shares
    Sinagot ng Communist Party of the Philippines ang pahayag ni Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte sa kanyang State of the Nation Address kaugnay sa pag-papatigil sa peace talks.

    Ayon kay CPP founder Jose Maria “Joma” Sison, ang kawalan ng interes ng Pangulo ang talagang dahilan kaya hindi na naman magtatagumpay ang usapang pangkapayapaan.
  • Can You Guess How Old This Singaporean Photographer Is?

    9 hours ago 41006 likes 43 comments 3732 shares
    I am shocked by his youthful appearance.
  • Duterte on supposed 'cyber army': I don't need online defenders

    5 hours ago 172 likes 39 comments 29 shares
    According to the study, about 400 to 500 pro-Duterte cyber troops were hired to harass those who disagree with them and to post messages supportive of the government.
  • Turbocharged combat: Ford Focus vs. Honda Civic vs. Volkswagen Golf

    46 minutes ago 5286 likes 30 comments 460 shares
    Which turbocharged car will take a slot in your garage?
  • Luis at Jessy, magpapakasal na?

    8 hours ago 833 likes 28 comments 6 shares
    Nagsalita na si Vilma Santos sa estado ng relasyon nina Luis at Jessy.